Discover Italy's most famous volcano


To the Aeolian Islands by airfoil ferry directly from Cefalu harbour

The fast Aliscafis (airfoil ferries) start off from Cefalů's Porto Presidiana to the Aeolian Island each morning during the summer months. In all other months they depart three times a week (Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays)

Departure from Cefalů: 8:10 am from Porto Presidiana, a ten minute walk away from Hotel Kalura.

The Alicafis stops are in the following order: Alicudi - Filicudi - Salina - Lipari - Vulcano. On Salina, you have the chance to take a connecting ferry to Stromboli and to Panarea. On Lipari, you can can catch a ferry connection to all other islands.

The prices for a return ticket range from 32 € to 45 € (for adults, discounts available for children) depending on which island you choose to go to.

The return trip is in reverse order and starts from Lipari at 16:30 (4:30 pm) arrival at Cefalů: 19:50 (7:50 pm).

Please purchase your tickets at least one day in advance at the licensed travel agency Barbaro Pietro S.p.A., Corso Ruggero 82 (located directly opposite the tourist office), Tel. 0921- 421595.

To the Aeolian Islands by car and ferry

From Cefalu to Milazzo

From Milazzo to the island

Alternatively, you can leave from Milazzo to the Lipari Islands on any other day of the week several times daily. Milazzo's harbour is 150 km away from Cefalů, easily reachable via the SS 113 by car.

To the Aeolian Islands from Cefalu by train via  Milazzo ferry.

You can also take a direct train from Cefalů's station. In Milazzo, you will even find car ferries. For further details please see: