public transport Cefalù

Where to go.... certainly your own decision. We just like to provide some valuable information about the public transport so that you can plan your tours in Cefalý. Cefalý offers three city bus lines. They all meet at the stop called Colombo at the lungomare.(This stop is right at the post office, next to the biggest supermarket in town and very close to the seaside promenade). Line No. 1 is passing Hotel Kalura, this stop is called Cavallaro. Line No. 1 takes you right into town and back to the hotel in only 10 minutes.

Time-table line no. 1 on workdays (expect Sundays and public holidays):

Additionally, You will find two extra trips at night during the months of summer: On its way to town the bus stops at the hotel at 22:18 and 23:18. The last trip back to the hotel is from the stop Colombo (lungomare) at 23:00.

You can buy bus tickets at the hotel reception. The price is 62 Cent each. A ticket is valid for 1,5 hours independent of the amount of changes.

Via Matteotti: here begins Cefalý'S pedestrian precinct
Via Martoglio: you will find a big supermarket here
Stazione: Cefalý's main station
Via Bordonaro: You will find some recommended restaurants located here
Via Giudecca takes you to the new harbour
Via Vitt. Emanuele takes you to the old harbour