The Cave Tour in Sicily

cave sicily cave sicily cave sicily

The "Roccas" are highly recommended: not only for an outside glimpse, but for an inside adventure trip as well. You can explore various grottos full of corners. You find surprisingly vast inside stalactite caves which impress the visitor with their absolute silence. The stalagnite and stalagtite formations will certainly tease your imagination!

From the Hotel Kalura you can start a guided tour that enables you to explore these caves safely equipped with helmet, ropes and lamps. The support of a professional guide is necessary to climb the walls in a normally pitch-dark environment: So as long as you do not suffer from vertigo, a unique experience is waiting for you! We offer you six different tours:

Grotta “Grande” – Rocca di Cefalů   
Gole di Tiberio – S. Mauro    
Grotta “Abisso del Vento” – Isnello    
Piano Pomo – Castelbuono    
Piano Pomo – Castelbuono    
La Palermo sotterranea    

As these tours need some organization on our part, please let us know three or four days in advance when you would like to make a reservation.