Excursion to Palermo - Monreale

Dom Palermo Monreale Palermo Quatro Canti San Giovanni

The journey will take us right into the heart of Palermo, Italy's fifth largest city. Palermo is worth exploring thoroughly: Take a day to discover the numerous facets of this fascinating city. A professional guide will be at your side to visit impressive monuments like the famous cathedral San Giovanni degli Eremiti with its Norman graves.

You need to visit the Norman Palace with Capella Palatina, the bizarre catacombs and last, but not least, Monreale. The Cathedrale of Monreale with its adjacent cloister is one of the most impressive monuments in all of Italy. We will continue our trip to Mondello, a chic resort at the gates of Palermo. Here, at the relaxing seaside, you will have a extensive lunch break (1 - 1,5 hrs) to digest your varied impressions. After lunch, we will climb the Monte Pellegrino (Palermo's most important mountain) by bus. Here, you will not only experience impressive panoramic views over Palermo, but you will visit the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, the Patron Saint of Palermo. Our trip back to Cefalý will lead us once again through the bustling historic center of Palermo, which is the islandís undisputed metropolis.