A Trip to Typical Sicilian Villages - Landscape, People and Traditions

Castelbuono horse at Madonien sheeper in Madonie village tour on sicily

This tour leads you to the hinterland of the Northern coast, where you will encounter drowsy villages and local people who have their roots in this landscape and live to endure the hardships of a challenging nature.

You'll enjoy an interesting panorama with constantly changing scenes:

The Thyrhenic Sea, the West coast of Palermo and last, not least the Aeolian Islands.

Your first stop is Collesano with its mysterious grottos, nowadays these are used as stables for sheep. This small town is famous for its production of ricotta cheese in the early months of summer. Just a short walk to the castle ruins and you will be able to enjoy an enchanting view!

The journey continues to Isnello were you find wonderful forests full of oaktrees and mixed woodlands. The view here is spectacular as well: You even have the chance to spot the Golf of Termini Imerese. We stop for a coffee break at the marketsquare of Isnello and we will also visit Chiesa Matrice, if time allows.

Our next stop after crossing the mountainous area of Mandonie is Castelbuono, which lies beautifully in a sunny valley. Enjoy the view of little villages sitting like birds'nests on the hilltops such as Pollina, San Mauro Castelverde and Geraci Siculo! Castelbuono and its surrounding area is famous for the production of Manna, which is manually harvested from the trees in the traditional fashion. We finish our stay in this pituresque town by visiting two more sights: The castle of Ventimiglia and the chapel of St. Anna.

If possible, we let the tour end with a wine-tasting at San Anastasia, the world renowned wine-growing estate. The wines produced here are award-winning and find their entry into international wine guides on a regular basis.