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Kulturforum is an Italian language schools , is also an italian courses and cultural institute where alongside learning Italian you can meet and exchange experiences with local people who share the same interest as you in the italian language and the culture of other countries. Not only does the school specialise in teaching Italian as a foreign language but it also offers English, German,Spanish, French courses as well as several cultural events. These include art exhibitions, lectures, meetings and film evenings which open up Italian culture to other nationalities and enable Italians to experience other cultures. Learning Italian in Italy gives students both the opportunity to learn real Italian and to experience Italian culture and lifestyle.

We offer a varied range of seminars, social activities and excursions to the students attending our Italian Language courses. Kulturforum Italian Language school is located in the very heart of historic Cefalu,a lively seaside town on the northern coast of Sicily, The bigger isle of Italy. The sun, the sea, the unspoilt natural environment, the hospitality of the people make Cefalu the ideal place to combine learning Italian with a relaxing and memorable holiday.At Kulturforum you will meet friendly professionals, always willing and ready to help you learn our language and discover the traditions and hidden charms of our beautiful land. Kulturforum: Italian language Schools in Italy, Sicily, Cefalu A small quality Italian language school in Sicily.

The focus at our Italian language school is to teach the real spoken Italian language, that spoken by Italians in everyday life. Classes at our Italian language school are small and informal stimulating the learning process and communication.In our language courses, either a course in a group or individual tuition, learning duo or Italian for special purposes, we always try to combine professionalism with liveliness, method with lightness of touch, efficacy with sympathy so that everyone can feel at ease and leave behind the stress that the learning of a foreign language sometimes involves. What we aim at is that students attending our Italian courses should learn to express themselves effectively and be able to interact with Italians in every type of communication and cultural context. The method we use in our Italian language courses.

The organization of our Italian language courses is based on the development of the four basic skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as suggested by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference which describes the levels of teaching and learning a foreign language in the EU countries.Particular emphasis is placed on improving listening and speaking skills, developing vocabulary and functional language so that, outside the classroom, you will be able to communicate in many different situations and practise your Italian with Italian people. 
As part of the Italian language course there are some lessons out of the school when the students can practise what they have learnt: order drinks at the bar, do some shopping, chat with the shopkeepers or interview passers-by.

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In class we use a wide range of authentic teaching material: newspaper articles, letters, authentic listening, simulation exercises and role play in order to make the study of the Italian language a stimulating and enjoyable experience; while also providing a good grounding in grammar we focus mainly on a more practical use of the language to teach students true communication skills.

The teaching material, which is provided by the school, is constantly kept up-to-date and matched with the practical needs of the various groups.