The diving - center directly at Hotel Kalura on sicily

diving in sicily The Diving Center at Hotel Kalura Cefalù

Our diving-base on sicily guarantees a very professional and high standard. The base-manager is Wolfgang Törmer who is an internationally renowned Master instructor who has gained vast diving experience all over the world.

The dive-center provides:

divinig locations in cefalù in Sicily

our local reef not only offers stunning underwater world sights but the remains of a historic Roman marina which is located basically directly in front of your doorstep! You are able to reach a great variety of diving grounds which are between 7 and 40 meters deep. You will encounter all kinds of flora and fauna here: Tunas, Mediterranean Barracudas, fish' schools and unconventional rock formations with gorgonieas, large areas full of seaweed, sepias, sea horses and moray eels. If you are very lucky, you might even spot the extremely rare white grouper.

And last, not least: you will be all alone as there will be no other diving boats close by! prices diving expeditions at the local reef

Diving Pricelist 2012 - Sicily

Diving (excl. Equipment)

1 Boatdive45 Euro
1 Boattrip (2 dives)65 Euro
1 Housereef-Dive (guided)25 Euro
1 Housereef-Dive (not guided)20 Euro

diving Courses (exl. Equipment) - Cefalù sicily

Discover Scuba Diving Program60 Euro
Scuba Review60 Euro
Scuba Diver/ Basic Diver235 Euro
Open Water Diver/ CMAS*345 Euro
Advanced Open Water Diver/ CMAS**295 Euro

Rental Equipment for diving on Sicily

Diving Equipment complete/ Day15 Euro
BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator/ Day (each)6 Euro
Snorkeling-Set/ Day12 Euro
Snorkeling-Set/ 1/2 Day8 Euro
Computer/ Day5 Euro
UW - Touch/ Day10 Euro

diving - Specials

Bubblemaker (Diving for children)60 Euro
Snorkeling/ Photo-Trip along the coast (min. 6 person) p.P.25 Euro

diving contact: Wolfgang Törmer Hotel Kalura Sicily

Via Vincenzo Cavallaro 13 90015 Cefalů (PA)
Tel: +39-347-68 53 051
Fax: +49-032121077891