Mountain Biking in Sicily

In the last few years, no other island in the Mediterranean has gained more merits within the active bicycling community than Sicily. Once, biking in Sicily was just a quiet tip, now it has turned into a preferred choice. We at the Hotel Kalura are proud to have played a decisive part in this positive development. Over ten years ago, we have discerned the outstanding location of Cefal¨ at Sicily's north coast and tailored our hotel facilities to the requests and demands of the bicycle loving community.

Meanwhile, we have acquired the right to say that the Hotel Kalura is the center of bike holidays at the island's north coast. This is not only proven by enthusiastic guests who have turned into regulars, but also the editorial teams of Germany's two leading bicycling magazines BIKE and TOUR that have frequently given us very positive press reviews. Furthermore, they have chosen Hotel Kalura as a base for their own cycling-events. We regard this as a huge compliment! Nevertheless, you do not have to be a professional or semi-professional athlete to enjoy the beauty of the landscape here! Relaxed and easy-going trips off the beaten track will give you a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted to Sicily and its people. Gerrit Curcio, Owner of Hotel Kalura

Cefal¨ - Sicily's historic gem

The impressive Norman Cathedral has made Cefal¨ famous. But actually, Cefal¨'s complete historic center is a treasure for all those searching for history with ambience and flair. The city has a natural rock fortification, the famous Rocca, is only a few minutes walk away from the hotel. Enjoy the vivid Italian street live in one of the charming cafÚs!

The Sicily mountain-bike district

Madonie's nature parc has an area of over 40.000 hectars which makes it one of the biggest protected landscapes in all of Sicily. This treasure starts in close proximity to Hotel Kalura, only a few minutes by bicycle. This historic landscape consists of high-quality trails and tracks. Mountainbikers can discover these natural gem and cruise through old mountainous villages. The way back to the hotel will end in a refreshing down-hill, because Hotel Kalura is located right to at the sea.

The Sicily race-cycling district

The hinterland of Sicily's north coast is outstanding in terms of variety and beauty. The flowey coast line changes inland into hills and slopes full of olive and citrus trees and pastures. Some tracks on deserted roads will lead you into the rugged mountains of the "Madonie" which will rise up to 1600 m altitude. However, you will find the gradients moderate. They will provide an excellent basic training with varied panoramic views.

Biking for leisure and relaxation

You do not have to be a professional or semi-professional athlete to discover the beauty of the landscape for you! Hidden bicycle trail will take you along the coast line or in lonely mountainous villages high up into the heart of Madonie. You do not necessarily bring your own bike: up-to-date bicycle with full suspension can be rented at our bicycle base.

Our bicycle base

Your bicycle is as precious to us as it is to you! Therefore, our bicycle base is located directly under the sun terrace, one of the most beautiful spots to find here at the hotel: Enjoy the beautiful sea view while pumping up your tires! It is a safe location, too, as it is always securely looked. Only our bicycling guests have access to the base. If you want to secure your bicycle in storage individually, you may bring your own lock, please.

Bicycle tour packages

 We offer different mountain biking tours that can be booked as a package or individually.

Riding fully-suspension bicycles

For details regarding kinds of bikes and prices please click on hotel/services/bicycle_rentals.

Please contact the reception for reservation. Due to high demand, we recommend to make your reservation in advance. Please do not forget to let us know your height for perfect fit. The price includes helmet and pneumatic pump. The reservation goes with a deposit.